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Bringing sustainable economic inclusivity and preservation of culture at the last mile of our travel economy

Tattva Journeys is commited to bring the last mile in to the travel economy, and also preserve the native cultures and art forms of Indian region which are dying away due to modern living. Because, it may have answers to needed innovation in our modern lives.

Our process for culture preservation
& livelihood creation


We identify the elements across our Indian-Subcontinent related to our cuture which are getting extinct year by year.


Tattva engages with the community to equip themselves with modern economy through awareness, training, resources and support to generate value and livelihood.


Trusted Payment modes and company KYC done with the Govt. of India. Company run by industry professionals having substantial experience in customised travel.

Active Connected Communities

Tribal community

Crafts community

Elements we are bringing on the global map

Weaver Community Products

Minority Performing Arts

Rare Folk Music

Rare Local Crafts